Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Planning Tips, Tricks, and My Best Disney Secrets- Part I

This blog entry is the beginning of my planning page "Disney Planning and Touring How To Guide".  I will be posting a little bit at a time to the home page. If you'd like to read the touring page in its entirety now you can click here to view it.

Planning your Magical Disney Vacation is a big part of the fun!  Even experienced Disney folks like myself spend a good deal of time planning out a trip. I've jokingly often said "If you are not prepared, Disney World will eat you alive".  This page is designed to help you avoid that, and develop a plan!
DizKrazKate's Disney Tips in a Nutshell
  • Do not show up to Walt Disney World with the idea you are going to "wing it", especially with kids.  If you do "wing it", do not complain about your trip when you return. You have been warned.  
  • Decide which park you are going to on which day of your trip and make dining reservations appropriately.
  • Use EMH mornings if you are a Disney Resort guest, avoid all EMH if you are off property.
  • Use Disney's FastPass system to your advantage.
  • Disney is not the time to sleep in. Get up and be at the parks before they open.
  • Take a break in the afternoon.
  • Decide which attractions you want to hit and have a touring plan for each day.
  • If you have already seen the parade or fireworks once, skip them the second time and hit the rides with low crowds.
  • Consider a subscription to Full price will cost you around $11, but it gives you access to crowd level calenders, daily touring plans for all types of vacationers that you can print out, and access to their smart phone app that gives you in park wait times. It's worth every penny!
  • Think about what you would do if you didn't know any better. That's what everyone else is doing, so do the opposite!

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