Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Becoming Part of the Magic. Let the Nail Biting Begin!

Can't you just see the name "Kate" on the Back of those mouse ears?
That time of year has come around again. The time where Disney World fanatics around the world work themselves into a tizzy of nerves and excitement. It's Disney Moms Panel Application Week!  This week marks the 5th year that Disney has opened the worldwide search for their elite Moms (and dads, and I think one aunt) Panel. The process opened on Monday the 12th, and will run until Friday night the 16th, or when the limit of applicants has been reached. In the past, the number 20,000 has been thrown around as the maximum number of applications accepted, but this year's exact number is unknown. 

Unlike in prior years, this year they are specifically looking for moms and dads to apply to represent not just Walt Disney World, but also Disneyland, runDisney, Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise Line, and Disney Vacation Club (DVC). They are apparently, only accepting so many applications for each of these catagories.

Let me assure you, that on Sunday night, I was already getting quite nervous about what questions would be waiting for me in the morning.  The application consists of just a few questions, and those questions are limited to no more than 100 words. And there is no cheating on that one. If you type in more than 100 words, it will only submit the first 100, and the rest of your answer WILL be cut off.  Each year the questions are different, but the idea is the same, make yourself stand out above 10,000+ other applicants in only 200-300 words. 

"Gawrsh Mickey! Only 200 Words!"
This year you were asked a simple true or false question, followed by 2 short answer questions.  The first question wanted you to state your favorite resort, and why it was so.  The second question wanted to know what resources you use to help friends plan their vacations, as well as learn new information and trivia for yourself.  I was hoping that I could apply to be either a Walt Disney World Mom, or a Disney Vacation Club Mom, but unfortunatly, the application would only allow you to apply for one.  I gave strong consideration to the Disney Vacation Club(DVC) spot, but decided to go for the general Walt Disney World catagory.  Although we are very happy DVC owners, we have only stayed at 3 different DVC properties, and I have yet to use our points for a Disney Cruise or traded our points through RCI.  On the other hand, I am currently packing for lucky number trip 13 to Walt Disney World, and my 14th visit is already booked for this winter.  I have traveled to Walt Disney World on family trips as a kid, on Magic Music Days trips as a teen going with friends, a mother-daughter only trip in my 20's, family trips as a mom, as well as trips with extended family and friends. And so I decided my overall expertise was more applicable to a general WDW Mom, rather than as a DVC Mom.

As the application process is still open, I don't want to share my answers at this point, but perhaps next week....

A Little Pixie Dust Please!
For now, I have nothing to do but wait for the Round 2 notifications to come out.  Although Disney says they will not be able to recognize everyone that did not make the panel, in past years they have sent out a polite "than you for applying, but..." type of email. I was truly shocked to not receive that email last year, but instead was told I was moving on to Round 2. I scared the mouse ears off my husband by literally screaming in bed as I read the email. I know that if chosen, I would be "Fantasmic" at helping people plan their ideal Disney vacation, but getting that across in so few words is a challenge.  I have no idea what part of my application made them decide to give me a chance, but let's hope I was able to show some of that magic in this year's answers, and be chosen for one of those prized pixie dusted positions! 

So send as much pixie dust as you can find this way everyone! And I will update the blog as the process continues.


  1. Hi, I saw your comment on the DIS boards and found your blog. I'm really surprised by how many DVC Owners felt that they couldn't do it justice on the Moms Panel, there's comment after comment over there about choosing WDW as a specialty instead. I have to wonder if DVC lacks somehow in educating and informing it's owners about all the program has to offer. Curiouser and curiouser....

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Kristen!
    Yes, I got that feeling too. I'm almost kind of second guessing myself that I should have gone for it. I really know the system quite well in terms of how it works and the finer details of banking and borrowing, etc... I was just worried about the actual lack of experience of using them.

    The pool of applicants for DVC will be smaller, but they may only be taking 1 or 2 people from that pile so the odds are probably closer than it first appears. I guess we will have to wait and see. Good Luck to you!