Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Great Fanny Pack Debate: Functional Accessory, or Fashion Faux Pas?

Our most recent trip to Disney was peppered with the occasional well placed jab about my beloved fanny pack.  Yes, you heard me right, while at Disney, I have succumbed to the fashion crime that is the fanny (or hip) pack. I could try to argue that the name "hip pack" carries with it a claim of coolness, after all, its hip right?  But this argument seems to fail in the presence of fashionistas everywhere.

I am as of yet, unfazed by the criticism of friends, and resolved to continue using the fanny pack for at least the near future.  Do I like the way it looks? Of course not. But while at Disney, I am there to enjoy myself to the fullest amount, and honestly that tacky hip pack makes my life much easier, and more comfortable.

That fashion no-no on the right is me, with the offending fanny pack.
Lets face it, everyone needs to carry a few essentials with them to the parks. My pack always contains a basic wallet with ID, my Tinkerbell Disney Visa, my KTTW card, cash, annual passes, and DVC card.  I then usually also have sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and a cell phone. These are things that need to be carried on your person. I can't leave my cell and wallet with the stroller!  And frankly, carrying them in my pockets is just uncomfortable, and I'm always afraid something like my iPhone will fly out on a trip down Splash Mountain.

Could I carry these things in a fashion forward cross body bag? Of course, and indeed I have, but it's just not as convenient.  With a cross body bag, you must either rest it on your lap, or slide it to your side on a ride with a harness.  When its on my lap, the bar doesn't always come down far enough to offer safety to my little ones riding with me, so I feel I need to move it to the side. This then causes the lap bar to pull on my purse strap, which pulls on my once broken shoulder, and honestly I find it uncomfortable. And it could still fly up and bounce around.  I could take it off, and put it in the little basket area in front of me, but then I could forget it, despite the "Please gather your items and take small children by the hand" warning.  Also, when traveling with small children who often wish to be lifted up, doing so also causes the cross body bag to pull uncomfortably on my shoulder.

Many people carry the very cool backpack.  Well, that means I have to take it off my back every time I want to sit down on a ride or in any type of seat with a back.  Not convenient, and honestly, I'd probably accidentally leave it somewhere. Also, I just don't need something as big and heavy as a backpack.  The little fanny pack is just the right size!

High Fashion Fanny Packs are back! See, I AM fashion forward!
The nerdy fanny pack however, is essentially hands free. I have no need to take it off, it doesn't pull on my shoulders, it is out of the way of all of the ride restraints, it doesn't get in the way when I am holding children, and I can't leave it behind on a ride or at a table.  Do I pay a price for this convenience? Perhaps.  I know our good friends who travel with us feel very cool standing next to me at parades and fireworks, but other than that, I find no downside. I am not trying out for America's Next Top Model, nor am I trying to pick up a handsome Jungle Cruise Skipper.  For me, Disney is about having fun with my kids, hubby and inner kid, not worrying about what complete strangers think of my fashion sense. Okay, well maybe not always.  While attending the Disney Moms Panel Meet and Greet, I basically used the fanny pack as a shoulder bag, and did NOT wear it on my waist.  In this situation I didn't NEED the convenience of the fanny pack, it was just the bag I happened to have so it went with me.

So for now, I will be a proud member of the Disney Fanny Pack Family.  Have no shame fellow fanny packers! Unite for the hands free convenience this "Glamour Don't" provides!

My 35th Birthday at Disneyland,
note, I wore a cross-body messenger
bag, as not to embarrass my friends!
So...do you fanny pack?  Why or why not?  If anyone wants to email me a photo of your proud fanny packing self, send it to DizKrazKate@gmail.com, and I'll try to post some next week!  Or if you have the perfect solution to the fanny pack vs. fashion dilemma let us know and/or send me a pic of that!

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  1. I'm loving your fashion-forward "evidence" photos!! I'm not a fanny-pack lover, but I always say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" If the fanny pack works for you, that's all that's important.