Friday, November 15, 2013

Dreams CAN Come True! Moms Panel Update 11/15/2013

My long held dream of being part of the Disney Parks Moms Panel, is in part, what inspired me to begin this blog.  Though it has been woefully neglected since the birth of our little princess, my goal early yesterday afternoon was to start dedicating more time to it, now that little miss is a year and a half.  This thought came to mind yesterday, because I was very anxiously awaiting my likely rejection from the Disney Parks Moms Panel.  When faced with a disappointment or obstacle, I find setting a new goal helps me through the tough times. Thus, resurrecting and expanding my little blog would be my goal as I pursued the 2015 Moms Panel.

However, I don't think you can possibly imagine the utter craziness that occurred in my living room at 3:02 yesterday afternoon.  As I continually refreshed my gmail, waiting for that promised 3pm message, it suddenly appeared, and the very first word was "Congratulations".  For about a half of a second I thought this was some mistake, and that it was going to congratulate me on making it to the second round which I had indeed made this year, but sadly, we have not chosen you to move on to round 3.  As I realized I was not mistaken, I really WAS moving on to ROUND 3, I was joined in lots of excited hoopla by my three boys who had recently come home from school!  All five of us were dancing around the living room.  My boys know how much I would like to be on the panel, and have been living the dream with me these past few weeks. Even baby princess could sense the excitement, and she loves any opportunity to clap and use one of her words, "YAY!" This was followed by several important phone calls to my Disney BFF @RNawaymama and of course, to the hubby.  I was then so wrapped up in twitter, Facebook and the DisBoards thread, I completely forgot to call....MY MOM! Once that was rectified I was able to spend some time on social media seeing which of the hundreds of very qualified candidates had moved on to the next phase with me.

Disney Moms Panel Meet and Greet 10/1/11
It appears that there are at least three of us fine Disney moms who are in the running for the Disney Vacation Club panelist position.  We will each have a phone interview sometime next week.  They are both fantastic candidates as well, so this is no easy in for me.  My goal is to simply be myself, and hope for the best! I should know one way or the other by this time next week.  If you have any extra Pixie Dust to spare, please feel free to send it this way!

In my lovely new hidden Mickey dress at the entrance to the Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge, one of the DVC properties. We stayed here just last month, and we loved it!


  1. Nice Article..I really enjoyed this post!

  2. Congratulations!!!! That is so exciting! I'm sending you loads of pixie dust.