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Augsust 2010- Continued, post 2

DH, DS's and I head to MK for some evening fun. I was happy to see it was not very crowded at all. I think it might have been Fantasmic night at DHS? or EMH at another park. We hit Tomorrowland because Buzz is one of the boys' favorite rides.

MK pretty empty

Love these little guys

We were able to get a few rides in, including Buzz, POTC, and the peoplemover. This photo is kinda blurry b/c we were moving, but the clouds behind the castle looked almost like mountains. It looked really cool.

On the way out of Adventureland we noticed this sign for one of the shops. It is across from Swiss Family and Magic Carpets. The cool thing was that the little ships were actually moving. It is the little things like this that make me love WDW!

We had been up since 3:00 so we decided it best to return to the resort for the night. We wanted to get out before the early parade to beat the crowds. I noticed a sign back behind The Plaza for the "back exit" out of MK. I read about it once in someone's TR and I wanted to do it for myself! Basically it was a CM entrance/exit that takes you backstage and brings you out by Tony's. We had to wait a few minutes for them to clear the area. We were second on the line, and in front of us was an older lady on a scooter. We started chatting and she seemed like a nice lady. We got to talking about how other guests can be so rude stepping right in front of strollers and I mentioned how I could only imagine similar things must happen to her. She acknowledged that it did happen quite a lot, and although she had never rammed into someone on purpose...she had thought about it a few times!! Well, wouldn't you know as we were waiting, here come three rather loud, well-fed, teenage ladies. I couldn't believe it, they just stepped up to the right of the scooter lady, in front of us, with the obvious intention of cutting her off the minute they dropped the rope. Scooter lady looks back at me and gave me an all knowing smirk. If my kids ever do that they won't like the consequences.

Well, it was a neat little walk out of the MK, unattractive, but it was cool to point out "backstage" to the boys, and tell them that I was once before backstage as a teenager with Magic Music Days. We were out the gate and on the bus back to AKV before we knew it. So far, great bus luck!

Back at the villa the kids went to bed, and I took a walk around the resort with Gran and Pop. They had stayed at SSR in a studio with us in February, and they were less than impressed. They were thankfully impressed with Kidani. They both loved the decor and atmosphere. We went out on the Savannah, and met Mario one of the African guides who told us quite a bit about zebras. I asked him how many guys named Mario there are in his country and he laughed, explaining that he was probably the only one, and that his dad was Italian!

Tomorrow was Epcot in the am with our first meal ever at Le Cellier, and evening at DHS with Fantasmic. DB, DSIL, and DN2 are supposed to finish driving down from NY tomorrow afternoon. They will not make Le Cellier (couldn't add them last minute anyway-they decided to come about 6 weeks before), but I had made them 4:35 ressies at Hollywood and Vine. Although the food is not so hot, DN2 can eat for free, and it is DHS in time for Fantasmic. Let me just say that DB and I, while raised in the same house by the same two people are quite different. I am a lot like Dad, DB is a lot like Mom, and she enables this behavior. Did I mention that she is paying for he and his wife's DDP? Okay, he is unemployed due to the economy and she works while he is a stay at home dad. I think it's great that he is doing that, and I don't really care that Mom paid for it, but as you will see I do get annoyed at his total lack of respect for the fact that the DDP isn't cheap, and although free for him, not so for Gran, and I did take the time to change all of our ressies to include them at the last minute. Just a little brother sister love.

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