Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Only Trip to LA and Disneyland

'm waiting at the gate for my 0600 flight to LA and thought I'd get my TR started!

Background: Even 13 years after graduating from Notre Dame, I am still very close with my 5 best college friends. The past 13 months have been rough for the 6 of us, including: a new marriage, 2 new babies and a little post-partum depression, 1 baby with unexpected Down's Syndrome, 1 broken arm, 1 broken leg, and 3 miscarriages. Whew! We needed a first ever girl getaway. This will be only the second time since graduation that we will all be together. While looking for affordable places for all of us, flights dropped to LA and the Midwest crew was able to get roundtrip to LAX for $200!!!

The cast: me! Today is my 35th birthday and I am looking forward to celebrating at Disneyland. I am a mom of three boys and an RN. "The Librarian" is a mom of a 11 month old little guy with Down's. In her former life she was a librarian for the Historical Society in Madison,WI. She is our most eccentric and dramatic of the group, with degrees in Mid-Evil Studies and a masters in Old English of all things. "Twinkle Toes" is a mom of 2 girls, and a former marketing agent turned ballet teacher from the Chicago burbs. "Doc" is a doctor of internal medicine from Seattle, and mother of 1. "PhD" is a professor of environmental chemistry at U of Utah, and the first member of her Sioux tribe to hold such a degree. "MSW" is a mother of 2 and medical social worker from San Diego, and our California host. The 6 husbands and 9 kids are staying home!

The Plan: I arrive in LA at 8:30 local, and will take the Disneyland Express to DCA, and will make a mad dash to Little Mermaid! The Librarian is arriving early and going to an art museum in Malibu. PhD and Twinkle Toes arrive around 4-ish, and will meet the Librarian back at LAX where MSW will pick them up and meet me at DTD for dinner. Tomorrow we pick up Doc at 10am at LAX and spend the day at DL. Saturday and Sunday are relax/beach days. I could barely get them to agree to the one DL day, and I pulled the birthday card to guilt them into it!

We have a rented beach house on Newport Beach for the 3 nights, then a late flight back on Sunday!

I'm on the plane and here we go!

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