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August 2010- Continued, post 3

Okay, I have some down time @ work so I'll try to fill in some more. Also, please forgive, while I can do calculus, I cannot spell. Mercy please.

Day 2 EPCOT morning.

Good bus luck again as we left Kidani for Epcot. There were EMH this am and while I feel that eve EMH are more crowded, mornings are great. One thing I noticed about this trip, when arriving at Epcot, the bag inspectors there actually inspect the bags. I watched them make some poor lady practically unpack her entire bag, while at the other parks it was a quick look in and okay off you go. The line for bag check was quite long so we didn't quite make rope drop. I dashed for the Soarin FP's and the crew headed to Test Track.

We were able to do TT, but this does take us a while because we must do the baby swap thing still, but the older boys then get to ride twice. While in the fastpass return line we met another DVC family in front of us from St. Louis. The older son had a nifty little GPS contraption that he got from Guest Services! They were basically testing them out, and you could use them for the day and then return them and fill out a questionnaire at the end of the day! It looked kind of like a Droid or iPhone, but it was a map of the park, and it would tell you where you were, what the wait times and fastpass return times were, food and bathrooms nearby etc...perhaps this is something we will see available in the future. We elected not to go get one since we were only there for a morning, and basically know where we were going and in what order.

We did Nemo, and I was DESPERATE to do Captain EO. Alas, it did not happen. DH is philosophically opposed to The King of Pop based on his trials and tribulations in later years....and although I stated that he is dead and DH and I watching the movie would in no way alter anything in the greater scheme of the world- I was shot down. I am hoping it runs another year or so and I can catch it next trip.

To Canada!

I love the little cottage in the background.

DS3 has decided to push his own stroller.

It was then off to Le Cellier! Okay I was very excited by this ressie as this would be our first time. Our ressie was for 11:30 which is the first seating and we were treated to the CM's singing "O Canada" for us to open the restaurant. The food did not disappoint. This was the only time we went off the DDP and ordered an appetizer. We got the sampler style appetizer with mini crab cakes, tomato stacker, and the cheddar cheese soup. It was all delicious and the size of the appetizer was just perfect for 4 adults to share. I was really wanting to try the cheddar cheese soup, and didn't want to order an entire bowl so this was a good way to try it. I would highly recommend the sampler. Gran, Pop, and myself ordered the Filet, and DH got the strip? I was a bit worried that after hearing all the hype the food would be just so so. And I must stress that I am more of a consumer than a connoisseur, but the Filet was DELICIOUS! Melt in your mouth. And the white truffle rissotto under it was wonderful as well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Gran and Pop were equally impressed, and we will put it on our repeat list. The maple creame brulee was was also delicious. I was stuffed, but that dessert was just so good! The service was also quite good and our waitress was very sweet. Pop thought he would be the funny guest and asked her if she knew what the official sport of Canada was (stupid American I am thinking...Hockey!) but apparently she was correct when she quickly answered "LaCross! Do you think I don't know our national sport"!?! Ha Ha Pop, she got ya.

After lunch I was hoping to try to sneak EO in again, but no luck. Pop asked if we could see O, Canada!
The path to O, Canada!

I had seen this probably in the mid 90's and I recalled that I had enjoyed it. Pop seemed to think the boys would like it and they did. I am very glad we did this as it was not on the original "must see" list, and DH would never have done it without Pop's suggestion. It really is a beautiful movie, and Martin Short makes it not so serious and educational.

We were able to use our FP's for Soarin, and while the first crew rode, DS3 and I went on The Land, and searched for Hidden Mickeys. Back to Kidani, and again, great bus luck!

Arriving back and Kidani, I finally noticed a major issue. Remember that smoking section our room was above...and how close we were to the buses...well that is because the only path to the buses is THROUGH the smoking area! What?!? This cannot be. There must be another path! Ugh, not unless you want to walk through the street. Okay, I don't mind the room being over the smoking area, but HAVING to walk through the smoking area EVERY TIME you go back and forth to the bus stop is ridiculous. DH complains at the desk. They ask us to complain to MS, which DH promptly does via the internet. I will say, they did send an immediate email response, and when we returned home there was a voice message from MS that there had been numerous complaints and that they were "working on it". I am thinking that has got to change. If you're going to fix the gap in the door at BLT, you can move a smoking area.

So after a swim, and a nap we head to DHS for the evening. We are pretty tired, so we basically just went to eat at Backlot Express, and then to Fantasmic! We were so tired, we elected to go to the early show. We got there about an hour ahead of time and it was almost full already. At about this time DB, DSIL, and DN2 FINALLY get their booties to Orlando. DSIL and DN, come into Fantasmic, and are able to find us, but DB went to use some counter service credits and get some food for them, but they he gets locked out of Fantasmic because they are full. If DB had just gotten out of bed before noon this would have been easier...BUT Gran was able to find a CM, and get a re-enter pass to bring DB into Fantasmic with us. I didn't even know there was such a thing, but he was at least able to join in.

Fantasmic was enjoyable to all, and by taking the back exit out, we were dumped right near the entrance. The bus line was long and I knew we wouldn't make the first bus, but our good luck held out and a second bus pulled up right behind the first! I must say we had fantastic bus luck the entire trip. Not one complaint,and we never waited more than 20 minutes, usually less.

Tomorrow DHS and Toy Story Mania. Followed by the realization that my DDP credits are not correct.

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