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August 2010- Continued, post 5

Saturday Continued....The Great DDP Fiasco

As soon as we get back to Kidani I put the kiddos down for a nap, and immediately pick up the phone to call MS about the DDP mistake. I'm thinking this will be no big deal, BUT I should have remembered that the whole Disney computer system is a big mess. So I talk to a nice person at MS, and explain my story (this is now time#2 after the lady at the desk yesterday). She puts me on hold to talk to a manager because they cannot simply add the DDP to my last night because I've already checked in or some other such dumb computer reason. She came back on the line once or twice to let me know they didn't forget about me and were still working on it. I appreciate that, so I'm still on hold. After about 20 min or so she comes back on with the answer. I will just need to pick up a new KTTW card on Monday. OK! Thanks so much, that's great, no problem... yada yada yada.....DONE!

I get off the phone and explain the fix to DH. He then asks "Does this mean that all the credits we haven't used by Monday night are going to expire that night, and we have to start fresh on Monday"? Oh no. I'm thinking he's right. This is not going to work very well for us. We already have 12 extra snacks we have yet to use, and we often use those to get a couple of real food type things on our last day as one of our meals, (french fries, soup etc..)plus we probably won't have used up all our CS and TS by Monday since DB has been skipping some and what not.

Call to MS#2. Get a gentleman this time. Nice guy. Explain situation time #3. He puts me on hold a while and comes back with the "I'm sorry but that's really the best we can do". DH pulls out the big guns then....get ready folks...."Why did we pay over $20,000 again! They made the error not us, they need to fix it". Okay, I hate the "I paid so much money for this we're DVC" line, but I think he is right here. We weren't asking for anything special, just the proper advertised use of the DDP that we paid for. It's not even like I'm getting it free like cash paying people do half the year. Part of the thing we like about the DDP is the flexability of using the credits in any order. I explain this to the MS guy who apologizes again, but then I have to say, "I know it is not your fault MR. MS guy, but I need to talk to the supervisor".

I'm on hold again. Another 20 or so minutes go by on this conversation. Finally Mr. MS comes back. They have been talking with the Kidani front desk apparently, and have now canceled the last three days of my current reservation. HUH? They have then rebooked me on a separate reservation for the last three nights. I need to go downstairs and get new KTTW cards, and the front desk will make sure my current extra credits are carried over. I have kept careful track and I know I am short 12 snacks, 4 Counter service, and already used up 5 TS from the next three nights. I write this down, and head downstairs. These first two phone calls took about an hour out of my vacation time. No nap or swim for me today.

Downstairs to the front desk. Now if MS was talking to the desk it would have been nice to actually get to deal with this person, but no, I have to explain the situation (time #4) for the fella at the desk. Again, nice guy. He starts looking at the reservations, talking to the supervisor, and tells me this is the most messed up ressie he has ever seen. Oh and by the way, my current KTTW cards have already been inactivated. Great. I'm locked out. He is super nice, and I was very very patient. I explained to him I didn't mind waiting, and I could be very patient as long as they could get this thing fixed. One of the times he is "in the back" another CM leans across the desk, "Don't worry Mam, this is Disney, it'll work out", It is my Taxi cab friend Carlos..Grrrrrr..... I wait and wait and wait some more...watching the Mickey cartoons in the kid waiting area. He finally tells me it will be a while and why don't I go back and relax in my room and he will call me when it is fixed. Thankfully even though the card was supposed to be inactive, it opened the door to the room, or I would have been banging quite loud b/c Gran was asleep.

I have now lost a good hour and half to 2 hours of my life on this. About 45 minutes later a CM shows up at the door with our new KTTW cards, she knows nothing about the situation or the DDP but here they are. I really wish the CM I had been working with had brought them, or called like we had discussed so I could ask any questions.

Fifteen minutes later we are out the door for our evening at Magic Kingdom. On the way out the door I stop at the desk to double check that all is well with the DDP. My CM from earlier has gone. Great. Quickie explanation #5, and the CM gets on his computer and says "yes, the DDP is on your card", I then specifically ask about my leftovers that need to be carried over, 12 snacks and 4 counter service. He goes to the back room, comes back out and says "yes they have been carried over". Okay, Great, thanks!

Out the door, through the smoking section, and to the busses! For dinner we head for Columbia Harbor House, it's my favorite. I love fish and chips, and never eat it except on vacation. DH takes the kids to the table, and I get on line to order with Gran and Pop who are ordering for themselves and DB and DSIL. I place my order, give him my new KTTW card, and....wait for it....wait for it.....THE COUNT IS WRONG AGAIN!!!!!! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Ok. It is not Aaron the poor CM at Columbia Harbor House's fault, and I didn't yell at him, the capitals is just what I was thinking. So I decide since Gran and Pop are getting 4 CS meals, and there are 4 left from our first 3 days, I give them the old KTTW card, the supposedly inactive one that did indeed open my, yeah, it has been deactivated and it is not valid and there are no DDP credits on it. Aaron tells me that sometimes it can take 24 hours for extra credits to show up, so maybe that is the problem. Grrrrrrrr

I am frustrated.

Anyway despite this we have a nice night at MK. We hit a lot of rides, the kids do some dancing at the Tomorrowland dance party which they really enjoyed. Dancing with Space Pluto was fun. With all those GAD fastpasses, we had too many and gave some Space Mountain FP away. I love doing that. We were there during the Summer Nightastic, and got to see the special fireworks. I was a little disappointed because I do really love Wishes. I am a big sap for those things and that little kids voice singing "Star light...." gets me every time. Probably because I have three little kids and it reminds me of how thankful I am that I can bring them to somewhere as wonderful as WDW where they can be a Jedi, hug Mickey, and try to pull the sword from the stone.....BUT the Nightastic Fireworks were great! I especially loved the sequence while they played the music from the POTC movies. The fireworks coming from around the outsides of the park were really neat. I still prefer wishes, but I am glad we got to see this particular show, I ended up not being disappointed after all.

A few quick snacks, and we found ourselves a curb in front of Tony's to sit and wait for the 11pm Electrical Parade. I loved watching this is a kid, and prefer it to Spectromagic so I was excited. DH was a bit overheated however, and DS5 was already asleep in the stroller, so DH decided around 10:45 to head back with DS5 to Kidani. I am dissapointed he doesn't want to stay with us, but he does tend to overheat easily and I don't want him to be sick the rest of the trip so we send him on his merry way. The rest of us wait for the show.
DN2 dancing in the street waiting for the parade.

The parade did not disappoint and we made a quick post-parade exit. I had positioned ourselves at the beginning of Mainstreet near Tony's for the ease of exiting the park with the crowds. Remember in Nemo where they are exiting the EAC and Squirt says "Do you have your exit buddy"? I always say "Do you have your exit plan"? We get right out of the park and wait maybe 5 minutes for a bus and we are on our way home. I send DH a text that we are on our way, and he is just getting to Kidani! Although he left 40 minutes before he only got home 10 min ahead. This goes to show that it is better sometimes to leave later and avoid the crowds than try to leave after the fireworks with 20,000 other people.

As we get to Kidani I contemplate checking on the DDP credits at the desk, but I can see the night shift crew is here, no managers and I figure it will be more trouble than it is worth and I will deal with it tomorrow.

Tomorrow Epcot, and the DDP trouble finally resolves....

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