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August 2010- Continued, post 6

Epcot Day!

Everyone was tired from our long day yesterday, but I really wanted to hit Epcot. It is DH's least favorite park and there are so many things there I never get to see. DS3 decided to come with me, and the rest of the crew chooses to relax for the morning. We have ADR's for dinner at Akershus.

DS3 and I get to Epcot just in time for a monsoon, but it clears and we are able to continue our private time together. We hit Ellen's Energy thing, which I haven't done in at least 12 years, and DS3 enjoyed the dinosaurs. I thought about trying EO again, but it wasn't showing yet, and I wanted to the American Adventure. We skipped EO, and waited for the little rope drop by the International Gateway for the 11am opening of WS. We had Epcot almost to ourselves and I was able to get some nice photos.

The CM's of France welcoming us

Look Mom! No People!

DS3 outside the American Adventure just before the show

For lunch we headed to Norway because DS3 wanted PB&J. If anyone has an iphone or itouch, there is a neat app called "WDW Dining" or something like it, that has all the menus. You download it and occasionally update it, so you don't need wifi or anything to use it in the park. If you have an iphone though it will tell you where you are and what is nearby. I used the itouch version a lot this trip. That is how I found PB&J in Norway!

The Kringle Bakery was good place for lunch. I had a Norway Club, kinda like a panini. Also I could choose a bakery item as my dessert! Sweet Pretzel yeah! After dashing through a few more scattered showers and a quick ride at Norway DS3 and I headed back.

Back at the Kidani Desk, I inquire about my DDP credits, and tell my story time #6. They inform me that since I was issued DDP credits for 3 nights, they cannot exceed the credits for those three nights, however as I use them they can add some back. Anybody follow that? So I had her add my 4 CS back, and 9 of my 12 snacks. If we eat 3 or more snacks today they can then add my last 3 snack credits back. I point out that hey have given me 5 TS credits that I am not entitled to, and she basically says, "well they're there if you want to use them". OK! Things are getting better! I promptly go back to my room, get on the computer and make ourselves a reservation for lunch at Tony's on our last day for DH, DS's and myself. COOL.

DH is feeling a bit better, and the boys are back from lunch at The Mara with Gran and Pop so it is time for a swim. Gran and Pop head to Epcot early and we head to the pool. DB is probably still sleeping. A little explanation. DB, DSIL, and DN are staying off site @ a Marriott TS my parents traded into for them with their Marriott TS. Yes, we cheated a bit. Technically I have room for all 3 of them in my villa, and I put them on our ressie. Mom and Dad bought them the DDP b/c they are on our ressie. Mom and Dad decided not to share their part of the villa (studio) because it would be too tight and made other arrangements for DB's family. I was thinking DB would bring DN2 to come swim with us and see the animals etc... but he was too busy sleeping most of the time. I bought her a whole swimming ensemble from the Disney Store, suit, hat coverup, sunglasses, flip flops, and never got to see her in it. But I digress....

Nice afternoon at the pool, get rained on at the pool, the boys loved it. They start the pool party late, and begin with the Disney Trivia Contest. I am super competitive and a Disney freak so of course we stay so I can participate! Question #6 I make a comment to DH about what a stupid easy question "Who is Bambi's rabbit friend"? and say to DH "they should ask the skunk's name". Karma. I do very well, think I have it all except the name of the mouse from Dumbo. I even know what the word "Kidani" means. I am the only one who does. But I was runner up. WHAT? Good old question #6 had a part 2...yup you guessed it "what is the name of the skunk?" ACK! I was so busy being a smarty pants I missed the rest of the question. I could have gotten a kinda neat prize, but the boys wanted something from the treasure chest and the CM let me leave my pricey prize and the boys each picked some piece of Oriental Trading junk from the box. BTW, the mouse's name was Timothy.

A quick clean up in the room and we are off to Epcot for dinner. This was our first time, and I really liked it. It is a good deal on the DDP because the cost of dinner is almost the same as the whole DDP for the day for adults. I like that we got a photo included, and since there were 10 of us, we got 3 copies one for each family.

I had the salmon which was good, Gran had the mushroom pasta and I wish I had ordered that instead it was delicious. Pop and DB had the traditional Norway dumplings which were ok, but basically a big meatball if you ask me.

Does anyone recognize this particular Snow White? She was the absolute BEST Snow White I have ever seen. She looked the part, and her voice was spot on. She asked us where we were from, and when Pop mentioned he and Gran were from NY, she says "ohhh have you heard of the Big Apple? I'm not allowed to go there, you know apples and all". It was quite cute and funny.

I would for sure go there again if traveling with kids. Dessert was excellent as well. I couldn't believe how much I liked the Rice Cream, I would go to the Kringle just to get it next time.

We went to China to see that 360 movie since we had enjoyed Canada so much. Before the movie we were treated to the acrobats and they were great. I would for sure recommend seeing them to anyone. The kids were very impressed. The movie however was not nearly as good as O, Canada!

The rest of the crew went to TT, but DS7 was dying to do Kim Possible. We had a mission in Mexico, and it was really cool. Unfortunately our Kimmunicator froze up halfway through the mission, and when we went back to the kiosk, they were closed for then night because it was after 8pm! DS was crushed. I also didn't know where to return the darn thing because the CM had told me at the end of the program it would tell me where to return it. Oh well, Guest Services has to be as good as any. We will for sure try it on our next trip. A nice view of the fireworks and then home. Had the CM at the desk add our last 3 snacks and the DDP fiasco was finally solved.

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