Tuesday, June 28, 2011

February 2010 Last Minute Trip -Part IV

Monday 2/22

Today DS4 becomes DS5! We are so happy to celebrate at WDW with him. DS2 and DH have each had a birthday there. We were off to MK for rope drop! We left SSR by 8am for the 9am opening. We did the Give a Day Get a Day promotion and DS7 wanted to turn in his voucher for the pin set. I'm glad we got there early because it took about 10 minutes to get it done! DH and I are saving ours to use for the FP's in August. But we were afraid they might run out of pin sets by then for DS.

It is a very nice set of pins mounted on an ear hat figurine! Very cool. We had to turn in our voucher at guest services for another voucher, which we had to take to package pickup after 12pm! Yikes. But it is a great souven"ear". We did Project Linus and made blankets. It was a great experience for DS7.

We were there for the opening show!

DH took this photo of mom and I waiting for Mickey. Behind my DH taking the photo was a family all wearing "1st Visit" pins. The one girl who looked about 8 or 9...when the train pulled in...her eyes were like saucers and her mouth was so wide! It was great! I said to the mom "I love your daughter's expression! She is so excited!", the mom said "we all are, this is our first visit"! I can only imagine how this little girl must have looked when she saw the castle!

We followed our usual commando plan for MK and headed straight back to Fantasyland for a ride on Dumbo! Then to the carousel! I know, I'm a bit crazy but it wasn't that crowded, and there were no little girls in princess costumes...SO... I made a beeline for Cinderella's personal horse. You know it has purple flowers and a gold ribbon tied on its tail. SCORE! Finally got to ride it. Okay so I'm a big kid. We did Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, IASM, Snow White, and Pooh! Whew! I was so happy that it wasn't too crowded like it had been on Saturday night. It seems most people's school holidays were done and the crowds were much better. A few more Barnstormer rides, and then we took DS7 on his first ride on Space Mountain! It was closed for refurb last trip! Here we are prior to take-off....

He seemed to have a good time, but stated he wanted to wait until our next trip to ride again! A quick visit with a photopass photographer for a family photo in our Tie Dyes.

Then it was off to Crystal Palace for Birthday Lunch!
I really like the Crystal Palace. The food is good, large selection and the location can't be beat! You don't have to deal with transportation to one of the resorts, and if you time it right you can watch the Dream Along with Mickey show while you wait for your buzzer to go off!

BTW the chilli salmon at Crystal Palace was fantastic! My kids are still young enough to enjoy Pooh and friends.

They joined the parade around the Palace and Liam enjoyed the frosting off his birthday cupcake. For those of you who don't know the little Sara Lee frozen birthday cakes have increased in cost from $12 to $21!!! Sorry kid, you're getting the free cupcake. 

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