Tuesday, June 28, 2011

February 2010 Last Minute Trip -Part II

TR continued....

Saturday we were to meet my parents at 7:15 to bus it to DHS for EMH. As my husband leaned over and says "what time is it?" I look at the clock and realize it is now 7:05! My Mickey/Stitch wake up call never came! ACK! I was less than pleased and as DH jumped in the shower I woke the kids and called the front desk to complain. Okay, I'm not much of a complainer, but to at least let them know they let me down. They were very apologetic (I was hoping maybe they'd give me some fastpasses or something to make up for the fact that we would now miss RD) but I did get a genuine apology. The manager did call about 10 min later and apologized as well, and set up the wake up call for the next morning. Somehow we made it out the door and missed RD by only about 2 minutes!

DH rushed ahead to get FP's for TSM. We pack mules/stroller pushers lagged behind, parked the strollers and picked up the hubby to ride standby for TSM. FP's were already not until 9:55, and the standby line stated 40minutes, but I didn't believe that so we jumped on line. Good idea because it was only about 20 min! The kids loved it, heck we all loved it as usual! Thanks to our wii game I'm getting better and beat everyone. Best tip...take the 2 year old with you, and since he can't hit anything, you have no one to compete with for the high value targets!

We were then off to Star Tours and Muppets, and some fun in HISTK playground. Then back to TSM! Then we took the kids to see Indiana Jones for the first time, and lunch at Toy Story Pizza Planet! DH and I got to have a quick, crazy fun ride with FP's on Rock and Roller Coaster while mom and dad took the kids, before heading back to SSR! Whew! We got a lot done and were out the door by 1pm! We took a much needed rest at the resort. DS's 5 and 2, and DH slept. My dad took DS7 on a walk to DTD.

I took a trip to the High Rock Springs Pool, not to swim but to meet up with a high school friend. I hadn't seen her since we graduated over 16 years ago, but she saw me post on Facebook we were going to Disney, and she drove 90 minutes down to Orlando to meet up with me! It was great to catch up! Crazy too! She decided to head back to MK with us that evening!

About 4:30 we headed back to MK for dinner and rides. WOW was it packed! The park was open late, but not for EMH....and it was crazy packed. The line for Pirates was out the door! The last few years we have just walked on! We skipped Pirates, DH went and got fastpasses for BTM, and we went to eat at Columbia Harbor House instead. DS5 had his birthday button on, and we were treated to a quickie birthday song by the ladies of Columbia Harbor House! He was so shy!

After dinner we headed to Fantasyland. Again totally packed! It was so much more crowded than I had expected! I learned later that some east coast schools had winter break, and also the Brits had a school holiday. Peter Pan was 60 min! IASM was 30! We were thankfully able to walk into Philharmagic which we all enjoy.

Barnstormer was only about 15min, and my kids love it so we took a spin. This was DS2's first time tall enough to ride and he had a blast! I have an awesome photo I will post of him tomorrow. We were then able to hit the teacups, Carousel of Progress (never a line there huh...but it's a classic!), Buzz, Wed Way Peoplemover, BTM, pirates (only 10min by then), and grab a Dole Whip on the way out about 10:30pm!

SO TIRED! All three kids fell asleep on the bus. The crowds thinned out by around 9pm, but I was left worrying the rest of the weekend would be just as busy. The plan for Sunday....morning EMH at AK, and evening Illuminations at EPCOT. Unlike most DH's I hear about on MO's my hubby could care less about EPCOT, so it's always a bit tough with him. He always tries to find a way out of going!

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