Monday, June 27, 2011

August 2010- Continued, post 7

Day 6-Animal Kingdom and our last full day at "home".

Thankfully the rest of the trip was trouble free, except for a few select rain showers. It seems that every time we go to AK it rains. Not typical FL afternoon shower but RAIN. Today wasn't as bad as some. I also can never seem to make it to rope drop at AK. We were a few minutes ahead , and it was morning EMH, but we couldn't make it across to Discovery Island to see the opening show. Some day I WILL see it.

The family headed to Triceratops spin while I made the EE FP run. The park was beautiful that early in the morning. I felt like I had the whole place practically to myself. Cool still and could almost imagine myself in Asia itself. I tried to take a few photos but the humidity kept building up on my camera.

Of course when I say "the family" went to Triceratops spin that does not include DB and his family. He can't get himself out of bed to be at the park by 8am. Ok, they are going to try to be there by 9:30 or 10am. Fair enough. DH and I took a spin on Primevil Whirl. I really disliked it actually, and that had nothing to do with the fact that it started raining while we were on it. I felt like I just got banged around a lot, and I don't see the appeal. When DS's are tall enough I'll take them if they want, but I won't make an effort that's for sure.

Next stop Kilamanjaro Safari. Since the most exciting animal we have at our local zoo are Prarie Dogs, my kids LOVE this attraction. It is a bit different on every run, and everyone from DS3 up to Gran can enjoy it. I do agree that you see more animals in the early hours. Who can blame them, I'd hide from the heat later too.

Did you know this island is shaped like a Hidden Mickey?

This is when the rain started, you can see how heavy it is, but thankfully it didn't last too long.

A few Mickey Premium bars and attractions later, DB and family decide to show up, around 11am. We hit Flights of Wonder, and then Kali River Rapids with FP's. This is just a personal thought, but it seems like charging for a ticket at age 3 is a bit silly. My DN2 is much taller than DS3, and SHE could ride Kali, DS could not! One very cool thing however, was that when DS3 stood under the height checker thing at the entrance and was too small, the CM gave him a little postcard type thing that basically, "Come back when you are taller next time, and you and your whole family can ride on Kali using this as a fastpass"! VERY COOL! DS3 was very proud of his own fastpass, but annoyed because mommy wouldn't let him hold it(he would so totally lose it). We will surely use it next September. I thought this was a neat piece of Disney Magic, that costs them next to nothing, but was very fun for us and DS.

We had lunch ADR's at Tusker House. I planned it this way on purpose with ADR's at 1:15. This got us out of the hot part of the day, and included reserved seating at the 3:15 Nemo show, more AC! These would be our last two activities of the day and we would stay cool.

Here is a cool Disney thing. This sign has a bunch of masks "for sale" (its a decoration). The store is "Jorodi" it is an allusion to Joe Rhodie who was the lead Imagineer on AK. I had heard of the sign but never seen it

Lunch at Tusker House was just so so. I don't think I would go there again. The carving station was good, and a few of the salads were tasty. I had a rice side dish however, and the rice wasn't cooked all the way, and that really turned me off. Also the desserts were just ok. Nothing like Boma. They did have a similar Banana Bread Pudding with Warm Vanilla Sauce, and I loved that, but most of the other desserts seemed like you could pick them up in a clear clamshell container at your local supermarket. I think Gran and Pop liked it more than I did.

Since DB and fam had missed the Safari, they left to try to sneak that in before Nemo. I knew it would never happen, and we waited and waited, but we went to Nemo without them. Too bad because I think DN would have loved it. This was the second time we have seen it, and the first time for Gran and Pop. It really is a fantastic show, not to be missed especially for kids. I'd call it Broadway quality.

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