Tuesday, June 28, 2011

February 2010 Last Minute Trip

Let me thank everyone who sent Pixie Dust my way in somehow getting this last minute trip (booked 9 days in advance) booked! We had a fabulous time! This is my first TR, so here goes! oh...and while great at math, and useless trivia...I'm a terrible speller. Always have been. Please have mercy on my spelling and don't hold it against me!

The cast Me!, DH, DS7, DS(turned 5 on the trip), DS2 and my mom and dad. We, especially DH have been suffering for lack of sunshine here in Indiana and when the chance for a cheap last minute trip came up I somehow convinced him!

We did not tell the kids until the day we left. As soon as everyone was home from school they of course wanted to play wii, but I told them we had "errands" to run, and they needed to take their showers now. This produced much groaning etc...but soon all three were showered and in their sweats, aka traveling clothes in our house! My hubby came home from work early and we sat the kids down on the couch, and said we had an early birthday present for my DS4. We handed him a birthday card and had DS7 read it to him. It was a Mickey card, and I wrote at the bottom "Mickey Mouse wants to wish you 'Happy Birthday' in person. Go get your shoes on because we are going to Disney World RIGHT NOW"! My DS7 eyes about popped out of his head and he jumped on his brother who seemed not so excited. DS7 ran for the shoes. I asked DS4, "don't you want to go to Disney"? He looked so sad and said "but Mom, remember, we can't. We have to run errands"! I laughed and said "oh no honey, Disney World IS the errand"! Suddenly he was super happy and said "oh yeah"! and ran for his shoes too. Soon we were in the mini-van and on the 2 hour drive to Chicago-Midway!

We survived TSA security, which with three kids is my own personal inner ring of Dante's inferno....and had a great on-time flight to Orlando. Magical Express grand tour of the resorts at 11pm...Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, Riverside, Port Orleans and FINALLY SSR! The kids were exhausted and half asleep, but we made it! And there were flowers in the flower beds!

This was our first trip to SSR, and everything was quite smooth. They golf carted us and our stuff to our room 1523 in the Congress Park section. We had just a studio for the short stay, but it was nice as Disney usual. The kids were in for one last surprise before bed though, there was a knock at our door, and we sent DS7 to open it....it was Gran and Pop (my folks) who flew in from NY to spend the weekend, and their 40th Anniversary with us at Disney!

My overall impression of SSR. Nice, close to DTD, but not really my favorite. I like that we could get a room with only a week's notice for sure, but I like AKV and OKW better (the only other DVC's I've stayed at). I grew up about 2.5 hours from the real Sarratoga Springs (went to Lilith Fair there sometime in the late 90's) so it just doesn't thrill me. I felt the theme was weak. I really think they could have picked something more interesting. It could have been a nice resort anywhere, any nicer hotel chain. When I go to Disney, I really like to be fully in the Disney escape. AKV is much more my personal style.

We did really enjoy Artist's Palate, and the Roast Beef and Blue sandwich was Awesome! I'm salavating just thinking about it! YUMMY! The plan for Saturday....morning EMH at DHS, followed by an evening at MK! I'll try to write more tonight or tomorrow. And pictures to follow!

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