Tuesday, June 28, 2011

February 2010 Last Minute Trip -Part VI

Last day of TR 2/23!

Today was an easier day for us, check-out day and we were EXHAUSTED! We had a late breakfast at Artist's Palate. We got the big breakfast platter, and instead of the biscuit and potatoes they let us trade those out for two extra Mickey Waffles. The platters were so big, with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and three waffles each, two of them were enough to feed both DH and I and all three kids! I have to say, the scrambled eggs were really quite good!

We had a few last minutes with mom and dad before they had to catch their 11am Magical Express. Mom and Dad left to get to the bus stop by 10:45....and did they have an ordeal! At SSR the Magical Express bus stop is right across the driveway from Bell Services, so thankfully when ME didn't show up by 11:20, they went to bell services to ask about the bus. When SSR called ME, the ME lady said, oh yes they had picked up two people at SSR on the 11am bus....the CM said "well I'm looking right at them, and they've been here since before 11, so I don't think you picked them up". So ME said they were going to send someone. Two more ME buses came and dropped off people, but were not there to pick them up. Finally at 11:40, the concierge called them a cab and gave them a voucher to get to the airport! As I told Dad, it's unusual for Disney to mess something up like that, but at least they made it right!

While this was going on we took the bus to DTD for last minute 20% off shopping, and planned to go to Epcot. At the bus stop a bus for the Boardwalk pulled up and I convinced DH we could take that bus and walk through the boardwalk to check it out and go in the back door of Epcot. Okay, that bus ride from DTD there is too long for me. First the bus went to the second DTD stop. Then Typhoon Lagoon, then Swan/Dolphin, THEN Beach Club before Boardwalk. That would seriously make me not want to go from Boardwalk to DTD. We ended up getting off at the Beach Club. We'd never been before and it seemed very nice. SAB looked very cool and the boys loved the whole pirate ship thing. DH was unconvinced. He loves AKV and even Beach Club was not exciting enough for him. Then again he grew up 30 min outside Atlantic City and went to Cape May all the time, so I can see how both resorts are less than thrilling to him. Maybe after 3 or 4 more stays at Kidani I can convince him to try BCV or BWV.

Epcot was beautiful the weather was 70 degrees! Our best day so far! Some of the Flower and Garden displays were already visible, and some partially if you were willing to peek behind the tall trees like me

We hit Norway and Mexico for the boat rides with the kids, DS5 really wanted to do test track, but the FP's were for too late in the day, and standby was like 45 minutes. We hit Nemo, and Turtle Talk with Crush. Crush is a blast always. Today we had to watch crush dodge an obnoxious kid who first mentioned that a Bikini top was for covering a ladies "b***s", and then told crush he wanted to eat him. Whoever was manning Crush that day gets a job well done from us.

We took a quick ride on Imagination (still so disappointing compared to the original), and got some ice cream. I ran to the photo center to have them print out a photo we had the Photopass person take of my parents to give to them as an anniversary gift. Bus back to SSR to catch the ME!

Boys at SSR

Thankfully ME was smooth sailing for us. TSA was fun again, especially b/c there was an international family (I'm thinking Brazil or Argentina) who looked like they bought out Best Buy and then tried to place it all in their carry on. Seriously, PlayStation, digital cameras, digital photo frames and about 10 other stuff, the TSA agent kept removing from their carry on's and rescanning! UGH!

Happy to be home, sad to be away from our other "Home" . Can't wait for our trip in August! Thanks everyone for reading!

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